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Patriotic quilt pattern
One of THOSE quilts!
I have a love/hate relationship with this pattern. I have made this particular quilt twice now. The first time I put this together I had one issue after another, and I was ready to throw it in the trash!! The first quilt had issues with the one borde...
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SANTA MUG - paper mache
I have a collection of Santa Mugs. I decided to see if I could make a large paper mache version! I also wanted to make my version with a flat back so that I could hang on a wall or door. I finally finished my mug. I need to decorate it now, I am ...
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paper mache stork made by Wiggle Creek Designs to celebrate baby shower
Paper Mache Stork
I love to make decorations out of paper mache! Here is a couple storks that I made to go with my baby quilt 'Storks on Parade.' I am not sure if I enjoyed making the quilt or storks more - both were fun to create!I made this quilt as a baby gift, an...
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$5 Light Pad
Does anyone need a light box? I found this one at my local Dollar Tree for $5. I took it home to try it out - not bad! It is not super bright. You do have to be careful when you plug/unplug as it is a bit flimsy. Overall, for $5, the light pa...
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Textile Medium
This post is about the use of a Textile Medium if you want to wash your colored pencil designs on fabric. I took one of my designs (Circle of Spring) and traced it with a Pigma pen and then colored in the flowers with Prismacolor Premier Colored Penc...
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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I designed this small sampler quilt to celebrate Valentines Day. Valentine's Day was always one of my favorite holidays growing up in Nebraska. For one thing I just love the pink and red colors, and it a...
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1 Stork 2 ways
I designed 2 very different quilts that contain Storks. Both quilts would be the perfect gift for a new baby - especially as large wall hangings!The first quilt is called 'Welcome Storks'. This quilt is a simple Embroidery quilt! The storks are fi...
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First Post
Hello and welcome to my blog!I would like to use this blog to show up coming projects that I am working on, as well as tutorials for my existing projects. This is a photo of an Applique project that I am currently working. Stay tuned as I will post m...
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